Effectlauncher is presented at Food Finder in collaboration with Danish Food Cluster as an easily accessible and user-friendly project management tool in both smaller and larger organisations.



We are pleased to offer members of Danish Food Cluster free access to Effectlauncher for up to 3 users.

Effectlauncher is a user-friendly and flexible project and process management tool that easily creates structure and overview of your innovation and launch projects and facilitates the progress of them in both small and large businesses. This basic structure and overview releases energy in the organisation for innovation and development.

In other words, Effectlauncher can provide you with:

  • Better overview and thus prioritising ideas and projects
  • More efficient projects with shorter lead times
  • Higher quality in the output of your projects
  • Better cooperation and greater job satisfaction
  • In addition to the actual project management tool, the team behind Effectlauncher has many years
  • Experience with innovation, sales and marketing within food from companies such as Arla Foods, Mars inc., Danish Crown and Stryhns, and may therefore contribute mapping, optimisation and integration of your processes in Effectlauncher - and not At least assist with training and anchoring by the users.

Read more at www.effectlauncher.dk

You can also book a non-compulsory introductory meeting or as a member of Danish Food Cluster order your free admission directly here:

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